James Madison University

James Madison University will contribute to the UCGIS Mission in multiple ways.  Members of the JMU community can offer the perspective of a predominantly undergraduate institution to the larger discourse within UCGIS about the direction, advancement, and application of geographic information science research.  JMU has long encouraged multidisciplinary research and education, as evidenced by numerous projects listed in this portfolio, the creation of the College of Integrated Science and Technology in 1992 , and the establishment of the Geospatial Technology Steering Committee in 2010.  Faculty, staff, and students at JMU have also been involved with promoting and assisting the appropriate and responsible use of geographic information science and geographic analysis for the benefit of society for many years.  Many of the faculty and projects highlighted in the portfolio relate to applied projects, and members of the University community established in 1992 and continue to organize the Shenandoah Valley GIS Users Group to encourage university and community collaboration.