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Geospatial Technologies Task Force Report

The report presents an overview of the survey responses, summarizing our findings on teaching, research, and infrastructure (training, support, access to technology and data). The recommendations include a suggested sequencing of future activities, as well as specific tactical (short-term) and strategic (long-term) recommendations.

A survey of JMU faculty regarding their current use and future interest in use of Geospatial Technologies was conducted using Qualtrics. Participation was voluntary and most likely from those interested in or educated about Geospatial Technologies.

There is a link below to the full report in PDF format:

GT Task Force Final Report

Presentation Recordings

"The Future of Geographic Information Science" - Dr. Mike Goodchild

"Spatial Thinking Across the Curriculum" - Dr. Anne Knowles

"From High School to College: What GIS Skills are Students Bringing to JMU" - Dr. Bob Kolvoord

"The Spectrum of Mapping/GIS Applications: Mobile Phones, Web Browsers, Desktop Applications" - Dr. James Wilson


Finding Geospatial Data

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